About Us

BottlesInsider is a blog for those searching for water bottle information, review, and details collections. All information in our articles is as well as researched and serious reports like water safety, bottle use, and water purification information are also included with reference for best practices.


Behind the Blog

I Mahizul, the creator of BottlesInsider. Generally, when it comes to bottles we don’t conscious of their uses, causes, and healthiness. When I first took to create this blog. I don’t find any desired blog/website that could have all information about all kinds of bottles on the internet in one blog. Yes, some I found but they haven’t researched for information as well.

Then I try to Understand the importance of Bottles. If you have a life(water) you have also used a bottle😉

Later, I make the decision to start BottlesInsider whose goal is to share information with desired questions or thinks consciously.

Why I Created BottlesInsider?

If water is life, then bottles are part of life. When I traveled from one place to another, I feel very hard without water and a bottle. Sometimes, without drinking water when I traveled back home my headache will start. At the time I feel that if I had a bottle/of bottled water, I could be refreshed my head and mind.

Then I found the Importance of using bottle/bottled water and water

So, I have real experience with the problem without water or a bottle. So this stage Creating a blog about bottles helped me also to find relevant information. on the other hand, It also helps readers and conscious people.

So, by reading bottlesinsider I and we all can try to make pure life(water) and thoughts on bottles.

N:B: I try to do my best research for all serious articles likely connected to health issues. It also helps to learn me more and more.